A counter-argument to Rockmandash12's post and a proposal regarding the AniTAY sub-blog issue.

1. This will benefit both AniTAY and TAY and lead to more exposure for both
-cross promotion of both blogs

A more focused approach will lead more people to AniTAY. Yes, we'll start out with less unique viewers and less views overall but the potential for a large regular base is there.

AniTAY, being respectful and thankful for its TAY roots, will always find a way to lead good people to TAY. The mere fact that it is named AniTAY already helps.

Well executed cross-promotion between sites (not unlike what Kotaku does with other Gawker sites!) will help both sites grow and gain more users.

2. More freedom on the part of AniTAY

We can post anything we want as long as it has quality and it is anime. Of course, this wouldn't be useful if we didn't properly use it. Rationing and scheduling of posts is still advised.


Stuff on the main page should be very inviting so as to entice people to join in on the discussions. Of course these are the early phases of community building so a lot of guidance/moderation is needed (but not too much). AniTAY is lucky because we have a lot of anime people on TAY who would most likely contribute to discussions (not necessarily as authors).

3. A proper URL (anitay.kinja.com) looks more legit than kinja.com/tag/anitay

If we get enough people on board we might even be able to register a domain name. Since, I think, at this point, we're trying to be more like Kotaku than TAY (a good resource for anime related stuff rather than an tight knit community) that would help a lot in the promotion of the site. Of course, we should still strive towards making a community as awesome as TAY's but I think the sub-blog's current tilt is towards the informational one.


4. Anime posts won't disappear from TAY

I'll detail more of this on my proposal directly below.


1. Anime on TAY

I don't think anime should disappear from TAY. A sizable portion of gamers are also anime fans. However, we should be more organized with how we share posts. My proposal is as follows:

- If it is an insightful post/one of the best, then it should be cross-posted to TAY.
-e.g: Anime to watch of the season


http://walfisch05.kinja.com/an-ode-to-gend… (One of my personal favorites)

- If it'll interest a lot of TAY people, then it should be cross-posted to TAY.

These can be as simple as discussion articles like "What is best animuh evah". Something about Cowboy Bebop would also most likely interest TAY people. Same as for game-related anime. The AniTAY Sunday Cafe, AniClub, and the podcast also fall under this.


- Create a round-up for the best articles that weren't cross-posted then share those to TAY

Kind of like what Kotaku does for TAY. This doesn't have to be daily. Probably every other day would work. It would really depend on the amount of content we'll get on the sub-blog.

2. AniTAY helping TAY

We never forget about our TAY roots. We can probably share links to TAY on the sub-blog. Some of the OFs could also probably be a good way to promote TAY. We can also cross-post some of Kotaku's daily round-ups.


3. The AniTAY tag

The AniTAY tag will remain as a way for those who aren't authors to chime in and have a chance to be shared on the sub-blog. Of course, writing on this tag will also most likely turn you into an author.

Also, tags work across all kinja sub-domains. If you tag something on TAY, Kotaku, io9, whatever with anitay, they'll all show up at "kinja.com/tag/anitay".


4. The direction of AniTAY

This one is a legitimate question that I think should be fielded to all concerned. Would we want to be more like TAY (we make sure that the posts on the front page are quality. If so, should we have open forums?) or TAYClassic (anything goes). A lot of best practices that would be employed on the sub-blog will hinge on the answer to this question.

That's it from me. Any thoughts?

EDIT: I have no problems with things staying the way they are. However, if people are gonna do this thing, I do wish that they do things well and I'll definitely be here to help.