Did I watch a different movie from everyone else? ASM2 had crap villains? Electro and Harry's descent into madness was great, Electro more so. You have *people* pushed to the edge and the effect, while catastrophic, is sympathetic. [Of course, spoilers]

Oh, I get it, you can't have your power fantasies if your enemies are sympathetic. You can't put yourself in a character whose life is littered with death and despair. You can't be someone who can't save the one thing he loves.

Seriously, I loved the movie. I can't get all the hate it receives. Too many villains? It had two for crying out loud. If you count Rhino that's like counting Thanos as a villain on Avengers. One dimensional villains? Show me villains from the MCU that are better without resorting to giving the actors. (Please do because I haven't watched the Captain America Ones, Thor 2, and AoS)

His being Spider-Man becoming his destiny...huh? If there's one thing he did, it's that he reversed destiny by turning his powers from being a source of destruction (which was what his father avoided) and turned it into a force for justice. And does it really matter? He's come to embrace being Spider-Man for different and more nobler reasons.

Building up Gwen when she's gonna die anyway? Oh, yeah, sure, because you know when your friends and loved ones are gonna die and you move away from them when you know it's time.

I think that, removed from its current context of being a reboot in a mere span of ~10 years AND not being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ASM2 will hold up much better than other superhero films. I think a lot of the hate is coming from fans wanting Spider-Man to be in the MCU. I'd be the first to complain about that. Marvel knows how to create these big bombastic galactic scale events but it fails at delivering great personal moments. Spider-Man (and Man of Steel), on the other hand, fails at trying to make their actions feel like part of a bigger thing. I don't really care if Spider-Man can't save New York but when Spider-Man can't save Gwen...I knew the thing was coming even before I entered the theater but I still teared up.


The one thing I do not like about the ASM universe, though, is how everything falls in place so consistently. Everything happens so conveniently. I know it's to make the pace of the story more interesting, but it's definitely disconcerting.

Also, I really want to know what they're doing with ASM3. Having Peter Parker and Mary Jane meet and be a couple almost feels like a sin after the perfection that was Emma Stone's Gwen. I think the only logical thing to do now, to maintain the momentum that the series has, is to kill Peter Parker. I'm only partially kidding.

In short, I love the villains, I love the main characters, and I think everyone's hating it because of the existence of the MCU which is unfair.