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The Problem With (Most) People Complaining About Fanservice

Yup, this is totally about No Game No Life.

Richard just posted his review of NGNL and with it, the inevitable horde of complainers about how the show is nothing but another wish fulfillment and fan service show. What's more depressing is that they claim they finished the whole show.

Why is this depressing? They're simply calling out that the show is shit because it's nothing but panty shots! AND PANTY SHOTS OF PREPUBESCENT KIDS!


Well, why? Because the show is not just fan service. These people are so dead set in trying to discredit the show that they see nothing but the stuff that they hate: fan service. This is like complaining about the fan service shots in Eva and missing all the stuff about how it condemns people for jacking off to 14 year old kids.

Obviously NGNL doesn't have the same view as Eva/Anno. The show could've done with a lot less fan service. Sora and Shiro's otakuness (and like for these things) could still have been manifested without being so upfront.

So, does the fan service ruin the show? NO! The people who will notice fan service the most in this show are the same people who hate fan service.

I've also seen allegations about NGNL being sexist. Seriously? SERIOUSLY!? NGNL is fucking brilliant in that it can use fan service without turning their characters into mindless husks. Actually, besides Sora and Tet, the key players during the series were female! Have you seen female characters in this show suddenly lose just because they're female? FUCK NO. This is not freaking Sword Art Online. Even Sora and Shiro's OPness feel deserved!


This is starting to turn into a SAO bash fest so I'll stop here. If you have anything to say about the matter, I'd love to hear about it.

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